The International Counsel Forum (ICF) is the place where the business, legal, technological, commercial, and financial aspects of operating internationally converge. It is an intersection of knowledge, experience, and ideas of business leaders, professionals, industry experts, academics, and students from different backgrounds and jurisdictions.

The ICF provides a non-partisan platform for open interaction and collaboration. Our forum attracts business leaders, legal and financial professionals, leading companies, law firms, accounting firms, finance professionals, investment consultants, academics, students, universities, government agencies, multilateral organizations, technology experts, research and innovation institutes, chambers of commerce, entrepreneurs, start-ups, and emerging businesses worldwide.

Our Purpose

The ICF has two purposes:

• a hub for business opportunities, serving as a leading forum for dialogue on the world’s business, legal, technological, economic, commercial, and financial issues that are relevant to the interests of corporations, firms, start-ups, executives, academics, students, universities, governments, and institutions operating internationally; and

• a promoter of international thinking, serving as an engine for research and development initiatives, academic and expert discussions, and setting the agenda for international counsel with business interests in different regions of the world.

Our Vision

The ICF endeavors to foster and nurture a collaborative business international environment and embrace a range of professionals from diverse industries with a view to providing a unique platform in an increasingly globalized world. The ICF envisages a multidisciplinary thinktank with cohesive articulation of experts, professionals, and students on thought-provoking international trade and business issues in the digital era.