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Changing Attitudes of Lawyers Towards Technology

   The benefits of technology to all walks of life are massive and the field of law is not exempt. Despite the conservative label of the legal profession and the cautious stance maintained by many legal professionals globally, the benefits derivable from modern technology have gradually been apprehended and accepted by even the most conservative

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Despite the challenges, Latin America should go for 5G industry and the pandemic brings incentives to do so

Despite the challenges, Latin America should go for 5G industry and the pandemic brings incentives to do so. The Mobile Economy in Latin America 2020 latest report projects 62 million 5G connections in Latin America by 2025, representing an adoption rate close to 10%. The possibilities of the 5G industry in the region are now

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How to Fund Your Strong Legal Claims in Times of Economic Crisis

The global addressable market for litigation funding is estimated to be up to US$100 billion, particularly with the challenges most companies faced due to the economic effect of Covid-19 pandemic. With a squeezed legal budget, insolvent companies with credible claims against third parties may consider litigation funding alluring for their strong legal claims.    The economic impact of Covid-19

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Algorithms, Impartiality, and Judicial Discretion

By Daniel Yoonsik Choi There are many reasons to worry about judicial discretion, and developments in the psychology of judgment and decision-making cast doubt on the idea that sentencing is an art. For example, you might receive a harsher sentence from a judge if you appear in court later in the day. Could algorithms be better than judges? Perhaps

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